Solar beam pp? (2023)

How much PP does solar beam have?

Solar Beam (move)
PP10 (max. 16)
2 more rows

Is solar beam a good move?

Solar Beam is one of the riskiest but most powerful moves in Pokémon. With a one turn delay and 120 power attack, it's the next best thing to Hyper Beam - except with a grass-type STAB bonus.

Is solar beam better than petal dance?

Okay, both of these moves require the same energy. But Petal Blizzard does less damage, and over a shorter duration. So when you divide the damage by druation you get a higher Damage Per second.

Is solar beam or earthquake better for groudon?

Earthquake is significantly outclassed, but still functions decently if you can't get your hands on a Precipice Blades Groudon. Solar Beam leaves Groudon as a surprisingly competent (though consistently outclassed) Grass attacker if you're desperate.

What is PP in solar?

About 99 per cent of solar energy is produced through sequences of nuclear reactions that convert hydrogen into helium, starting from the fusion of two protons (the pp chain).

Is frenzy plant better than solar beam?

Frenzy Plant is a 2-bar charge move that will deal lots of damage to the opposing Pokémon. Since it is a 2-bar charge move, it will be used way more often than Solar Beam. This will lead to a higher energy gain by the raid boss or opposing Pokémon, which means that it can fire off its charge moves more often.

Which is stronger hyper beam or solar beam?

The power of hyper beam(150)is higher than solarbeam(120) though both are two turn moves. Solar requires a turn to absorb energy and attacks on next turn. but hyper beam attacks first and takes a turn to recharge,user can't move on the next turn.

How fast is solar beam?

PvE Charge Move Info
Base Power180
Damage Window2.70 seconds
Move Cooldown4.90 seconds
Damage per Energy1.80
2 more rows

Who should I give Hyper Beam to?

Deoxys Attack, Kyogre, Chi-Yu, and pretty much any Legendary with high enough Special Attack can make great use of Hyper Beam. It should be said that these Pokemon usually have decent bulk, too, allowing them to potentially live through the recharge turn and hopefully fire another big attack.

How much PP does petal dance have?

Petal Dance inflicts damage for 3-4 turns, has a base power of 70, and 20 PP.

How much damage does Solar Beam do?

Solar Beam is a Grass type charged move that deals 180 damage and costs 100 energy in Pokemon GO.

Can you teach Roserade Petal Dance?

If you have a Shiny Stone you can evolve Roselia into Roserade. But for Petal Dance, you'll need to level your Roselia up to level 50, which is a taxing amount of time to earn the move but if it's important to you then it will be worth it.

How much PP does stored power have?

Stored Power (move)
PP10 (max. 16)
2 more rows

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